Gold Cut Off Wheel
Gold Cut Off Wheel

AIPL ABRO GOLD CUT-OFF WHEELS are premium high speed reinforced ultra-thin cut-off wheels available in different ranges and colors for multipurpose uses. Generally used for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, stones and cast iron. These wheels can be dangerous to use without safety and taking proper precautions.

  • Cut faster
  • Stay sharp longer
  • Require less pressure
  • Potentially reduce operator fatigue
  • Increase productivity
  • Easier to use.
  • Cutting sheet metal
  • Cutting pipe
  • Foundry/forge shops – gate/riser removal, cutting forgings
  • Metal plate dimensioning
  • Ship building – metal fabrication
  • Tool Room – cutting drill bits, steel bar
  • Construction – concrete/masonry work tubing, metallurgical sectioning.
  • SIZE:4″ x 1mm; PACKAGING: 800 Pcs per case
  • SIZE:5″ x 1mm; PACKAGING: 600 Pcs per case
  • SIZE:7″ x 3mm; PACKAGING: 100 Pcs per case
  • SIZE:14″ x 2.8mm; PACKAGING: 25 Pcs per case

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