PVC Insulation Tape
PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

AIPL ABRO SELF ADHESIVE PVC INSULATION TAPES are self-extinguishing, stretchable molding tape which grips firmly to any surface and provides protection to wires of all electrical appliances and machines.
AIPL ABRO ELECTRICAL INSULATION TAPES are the most flexible tapes in its class.

  • Reliable self-extinguishing Electrical Insulation Tape.
  • Stretchable, Grips firmly & Molds itself to any surface.
  • Insulation & Protection to wires of electrical appliances & machines.
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis and oil.
  • Water proof, weather proof and non-ageing.
  • Holding and insulations various transformers, capacitors, communications system and instruments.
  • Guaranteed Length
  • Size:18mm x 8mtr; Packing:30 Rolls X 16 Box (480 per ctn.), 20 Rolls X 18 Box (360 per ctn.)
  • Size:18mm x 4mtr; Packing:30 Rolls X 24 Box (720 per ctn.)
  • Size:12mm x 8mtr; Packing:50 Rolls X 12 Box (600 per ctn.)
  • Colors Available: Black/Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/White

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