Fixx Seal Tape
Fixx Seal Tape

AIPL Fixx Seal Tape is a Super Strong Adhesive Tape that can be used patch, bond, seal, and repair almost anything. It can be applied to almost any smooth surface to instantly seal out water, air & moisture by creating a barrier. It is a thick, waterproof, and flexible tape, which can be used to quickly seal and cover large cracks, gaps, and holes. It can be used to repair leaky roofs, ceilings, downspouts, air ducts, and HVAC systems. It is widely used to seal leaky PVC, plumbing pipes, sprinkler system, and to patch and seal windows, doors, walls, seams, and vents.

  • Thick, flexible, rubberized adhesive
  • Conforms to any shape or object
  • Seals out water, air and moisture
  • Great for patching large holes, cracks, gaps, and tears
  • Can be applied any smooth surface
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • UV resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • VOC-free
  • PVC, Acrylic
  • Metal, Steel, Copper & Aluminium
  • Wood, Ceramic, Porcelain & Tile
  • Glass, Rubber, Fiberglass
  • Plaster, Stone, Cement, Smooth Surface
  • Some plastics, fabrics, vinyl and so much more!
  • CUT: Leave backing on tape and cut to the desired length
  • PEEL: Remove the backing from the tape.
  • STICK: Apply tape to a clean surface and press down firmly.
  • SEAL: Using your fingers, plastic squeegee, or roller, press down firmly, and remove any air pockets.
  • AIPL Fixx Seal Tape is a temporary, emergency repair and is not meant to be a permanent fix.
  • AIPL Fixx Seal Tape may not bond to all hoses.

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