Zorrocrete 010AP
Zorrocrete 010AP


Zorrocrete 010ap is an acrylic modifier that is used for waterproofing and repair purposes. It is ideal for waterproofing of terrace, toilets, chajja, masonry walls, sloping rcc roofs, etc. It is also used as a treatment of leaching & saltpeter action and as a bonding agent on cold/construction joints.

It is added to cement-based paints for waterproofing and for making polymer mortar for repairs mortars etc. It is a multipurpose mortar admixture for injection grouts. 

  • Good bonding properties
  • Good as a waterproof coating
  • Static cracks can be filled with mortar made with ZORROCRETE 010AP
  • A good modifier to make repair mortar/concrete
  • Durable to UV exposure
  • Eco-friendly

500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 Itr, 20 Itr, 50 Itr & 200 Itr

15-20 sq.ft/ltr for 2 coats.(ZORROCRETE 010AP+Cement in the proportion 1:2)

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