Electric Contact Cleaner
Electric Contact Cleaner

AIPL ABRO Electric Contact Cleaner (EC-533) is a fast-drying cleaner that is ideal for removing dirt, oil, grease, flux residue, and condensation from sensitive and delicate electronic circuitry. 

It dries quickly and is safe to be used on a wide variety of plastics. It also prevents the degradation of electrical signals. 

  • Quick-drying, residual-free formula
  • Removes oil, dirt, flux residue, and condensation from sensitive electrical equipment
  • Safe on metal and plastic
  • Ideal for use on computers, circuit boards, HI-FI, controls, switches, precision instruments, and electric panels
  • Shake Well
  • Spray directly on the components that need to be cleaned.
  • Convenient aerosol packaging provides pinpoint cleaning accuracy which reduces solvent waste.
  • It is advisable to protect certain parts against moisture after cleaning

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