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Masking Tape

Buy Original ABRO Masking Tape – 6123-Premium Grade & 3123-Premium Grade

AIPL ABRO MASKING TAPES are high-performance multi-purpose masking tapes coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive designed for consumer and commercial use. Adhesive removes easily with no residue or stickiness. Provides adhesion to a wide range of plastic, metal and wood surfaces. Also known as carpenter masking tape, car masking tape or painters tape, ABRO masking tape applications spread across industry, art & craft to carpentry.

While ABRO masking tape uses can fulfill the needs of Industrial masking tape, it is also a general-purpose paper tape used for a wide range of applications like masking, splicing, labeling, bundling, packaging, etc. The product has excellent adhesion and tensile strength.

  • Resistant to strong solvents and paints
  • Good holding power
  • Excellent for many industrial applications
  • Will not tear while removing
  • No adhesive transfer after removal.
  • No edge lifting.
  • Width-12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm and 72mm.
  • Length-20mtr, 25mtr, 30mtr, 35mtr, 40mtr, 45mtr.
  • Any other size can be made as per customer requirement.