AIPL ABRO Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a strong, versatile and water-resistant formula for use on:-

  • wood
  • paper
  • metal
  • poly foams
  • leather
  • most plastics.

It is a convenient, quick and easy to use spray that provides good strength while saving on application time. It is designed for situations where strong initial grab along with high tack is required. Applications like furniture manufacturing, fabrication area great fit. Also, situations where long duration application is not practical like vertical lamination, false ceiling are also handled well by it.

  • Surfaces should be dry, levelled free from oil, grease, dust & dirt
  • Spray on a test area/item to check for compatibility with materials. May harm certain plastics like styrene/urethane
  • Shake aerosol can before use & tune the spray pattern mode as per requirement

0.383 kg


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