AIPL Zorrobond – WP is a professional grade premium quality synthetic resin-based MULTI-PURPOSE adhesive that is suitable for woodwork. A D3 grade, technologically superior product in its class, providing very high water resistance and excellent bonding marine-grade plywood after optimum curing. 

One of the best Wood Adhesives in India, Zorrobond-WP is made with quality in the development, testing, and manufacturing of the product. Being used by professionals, it is one of the best and strongest wood glue for furniture in the industry. It offers much better durability to furniture being used in high humidity areas and provides exceptional bond strength even under harsh weather conditions.

  • Ready to use
  • Unparalleled bonding strength
  • 48 hours continuous cold water resistance
  • One hour boiling water resistance
  • Higher coverage
  • Quick setting
  • Non-toxic & DBP free
  • Non flammable
  • Eco-friendly & non-hazardous
  • Prevents termite
  • For all type of wood both cold press and hot press, also ideal for bonding plywood, MDF and Particle board with each other and also for bonding with laminate or veneer as well as for fingerjointing and wooden flooring.
  • All round solution for wood bonding applications under the most challenging condition of water exposure.
  • Kitchen units, wall units, bathroom where exposure to water is high.
  • For sports goods, pencil, carpet manufacturing etc.
  • Recommended for bonding any two material where at least one of them is porous like card board, paper, particle board etc.
  • Clean both the surfaces to be bonded.
  • Stir the container well before the application with a brush, roller, spreader or fingers.
  • Apply a thin coat of ZORRO BOND–WP on both or one surface (as per requirement).
  • Press the two surfaces together and keep under pressure till the adhesive dries completely.
  • Excess adhesive pressed outside the joints should be wiped out with a wet cloth.
  • In plastic containers 500gm,1kg, 2kg
  • Bucket 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
  • Carboy 30kg, 50kg
  • Carboy (P) 50kg
  • Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling.
  • Store under ideal conditions in cool & dry place.
  • Stored in well-sealed containers.
  • Low high temperature storage should be avoided and the adhesives should preferably be stored within the temperature range+5°C upto +35°C.

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