Premium Gold Car Wash
Premium Gold Car Wash

ABRO Premium Gold Car Wash (CW-990) is a premium quality, high foaming carwash that cuts through stubborn dirt and road grime by its concentrated power formula. It is optimized for the best automotive finishes.?

Our Gold Car Wash washes away dirt and grime-leaving a sparkling, clean shine every time you do carwash. It brings back shine and protects the surface.

Super Concentrate with 4 Times More Power

  • Cuts Through Stubborn Dirt And Road Film.
  • Concentrated Power To Give More Quantity Of Deep Cleaning Foam.
  • Every Wash Cleans, Shines, And Protects The Surface.
  • No Abrasives, No Harsh Detergents.
  • Full Strength, Removes Bugs & Tar.
  • Mix one (1) ounce of Premium ABRO Gold to each gallon of water.
  • Thoroughly rinse the car with water to wash away loose dirt or heavy soil.
  • Apply with a sponge or soft cotton cloth, starting at the top and working down to all areas of the car for thorough washing and even distribution of wax.
  • Rinse each section as you wash to prevent soap solution from drying on the surface.
  • Dry with ABRO chamois or 100% cotton cloth.
  • PRODUCT CODE:CW-990-32; QTY/SIZE:946 ml; UNIT/PCK:12
  • PRODUCT CODE:CW-990-16; QTY/SIZE:473 ml; UNIT/PCK:12

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