Wet Tire Shine
Wet Tire Shine

AIPL ABRO Wet Tire Shine (BX-999) utilizes a premium, easy-to-apply formula designed to deliver an eye-catching deep, glossy wet-black shine. It cleans and conditions to remove grease, road grime, brake dust, or even the toughest streak residue. 

Our product also protects tires while adding long-lasting shine, luster, and depth to maintain a brand-new look by fighting to dry, cracking, and fading.

BLACK XTREME extra wet-look shine

  • Creates High-Gloss Wet Shine
  • Preserves Rich Black Look
  • Conditions and Prevents Drying and Racking of Tires.
  • No Buffing or Streaking.
  • Product Code : BX-999
  • Qty/Size : 650ml
  • Unit/Pck : 12
  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply to a clean cloth or damp sponge and spread evenly. Let it penetrate and wipe off excess, no scrubbing.