Foaming Tire Cleaner
Foaming Tire Cleaner


ABRO Foaming Tire Cleaner (TC-800) is a one-step product that not only cleans but also brings back the shine to automobile tires. It protects your tires by instantly dissolving road grime without any hassle of wiping or rinsing the tire.

Wet-Look Shine-That Lasts Longer

  • Instantly Dissolves Road Grime with no Wiping or Rinsing
  • Effective on Dry or Wet tire sidewalls.
  • Leaves a rich satin finish
  • Shake can well before use. ABRO Foaming Tire Cleaner may be applied to wet or dry tires.
  • To ensure even coverage, hold the can still from the sidewall and spray in a circular, sweeping motion. Allow foam to dissolve and penetrate. No wiping is necessary. Dries in minutes.
  • Do not spray on brake rotors or drums, floor mats, motorcycle tires, or seats. Avoid contact with custom rims and painted metal surfaces. Wipe off any overspray.
  • Product Code : TC-800
  • Qty/Size : 595g
  • Unit/Pck : 12

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