Screen Wash
Screen Wash


AIPL ABRO Screen Wash is a premium liquid screen wash for cars that provides crystal clear vision & keeps the windshield shiny and scratch-free. The solution helps in cleaning dust and any bug spats over the screen, ensuring a clean windshield.?

  • Cleans Dust And Other Bug Spats
  • Provides Crystal Clear Vision
  • Scratch Free Formula
  • Anti-Freezing Properties up to -25°F (-31.5°C)
  • Product Code : SW-50
  • Qty/Size : 50ml
  • Unit/Pck : 100/CAS

*Available in pouch packing.

  1. Flush out all the existing solution from your car tank
  2. Now add AIPL ABRO Screen Wash
  3. Fill the remaining tank with water

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