Gasoline Treatment

AIPL ABRO Gasoline Treatment (GT-507) is a high-quality automotive product that enhances performance and average. It cleans carburetor intake and prevents fuel system rust.

  • Improves Fuel Mileage
  • Cleans Carburetor Intake and Manifold & Ports
  • Prevents Fuel System Rust
  • Prevents Stalling
  • Treats Up To 20 Gallons.
  • Add 1% content of the total volume of the fuel tank. (If the fuel tank capacity is 35 liters then 350ml of the fuel treatment must be added to the tank.)
  • Treats up to 20 gallons.
  • Do not use in 2-cycle engines.
  • Product Code : GT-507
  • Qty/Size : 354ml
  • Unit/Pck : 12

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