Zorrofit Hinges
Zorrofit Hinges

AIPL ABRO ZORROFIT Concealed Hinges are made up of high-quality mild steel, designed to create a pleasant, hassle-free and long lasting experience to the user. It is used as a movable joint or mechanism for gates or lid swings of the furniture at Homes, Kitchens and Offices. Our products go through rigid tests to provide you with unmatched quality.
AIPL ABRO ZORROFIT Concealed Hinges are coated with Galvanized Zinc to make them rust free and provide long-lasting protection. Our Hinges are easy to fit and adjust without any extra effort. It becomes part of your day to day lives.

  • Made up of Mild Steel
  • Zinc Plated
  • Opening Angle 100° – 110°
  • Depth of Hinge Cup “ 9.5/11.3 mm.
  • Diameter Of Hinge Cup “ 35mm.
  • Range for Door Thickness “ 15-21mm
  • Suitable for Door, Cupboards, Shutters
  • Full Overlay (0 crank)
  • Half Overlay (8 Crank)
  • Inset (15 crank)
  • Self-Closing Hinges: These are unique types of cabinet hinges made to close by themselves and you won’t need to push the cabinet door completely in order to securely close it.
  • Soft Closing Hinge (Auto/Hydraulic- Hinge): The soft close hinges ensures that you won’t listen to the sound of the slamming of the cabinet door. These hinges are equipped with a hydraulic pump which allows the door to close itself silently and effortlessly.