Zorroseal Turrant
Zorroseal Turrant

AIPL ABRO Zorroseal Turrant is a multi-purpose sealant with fast curing properties which makes it useful in 4 main applications – Sealing, Joining, Fixing and Building. Its sealant is hassle free to use and with its versatile use – is a prime choice across multiple industry segments as well as household. It is your one solution to mend broken objects, fix leaks in pipes and joints and for sealing cracks and gaps.

  • Sealing & Repairing of overhead & flush tanks, washbasin, pipelines
  • Fixing loose screws/nails, window panes, and wooden furniture
  • Patching corroded casing of fridges/air conditioner
  • Building up broken & chipped parts of porcelain, kitchenware, etc.
  • Really fast
  • Sets within 30 min (@27 C)

25gm & 50gm

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