Telescopic Drawer Channels
Heavy Duty Drawer Channels

AIPL Zorrofit telescopic drawer channels are made of high quality, rust-free cold rolled steel to provide seamless and hassle-free experience to all the users. The set of Zorrofit drawer channels ensures smooth running action with high lateral stability. It is designed with intelligent technology for load bearing and robust everyday activities.
Zorrofit telescopic drawer channels are ideal for home, kitchen & offices, with its noise and shock absorbing plastic system. There are two types of drawer channels – BALL BEARING SLIDER and SOFT CLOSING SLIDER that are setting up new standard for furniture fittings.

  • High quality forming process.
  • Noise and Shock Proof Locking Plastic System.
  • Superior loading capacity
  • Rust free
  • Perfect surface treatment.
  • Sophisticated production process.
  • Superior loading capacity.
  • BALL BEARING SLIDER: Ball Bearing Channels helps in returning the drawer all the way into the cabinet when the drawer is pushed in that direction.
    • Dimensions: Thickness 1.2mm x 1.2mm x 1.4 mm.
      Available sizes 10 – 30 inches.
    • Loading Capacity:Weight strength 45kg on 18 inches channel.
      Weight per inch 75gm both.
  • SOFT CLOSING SLIDER: The soft close channel helps the drawer to return to the cabinet softly without slamming. The drawer smoothly gets back into the position in a fluid motion without having to apply excessive force.
    • Dimensions:Thickness 1.2mm x 1.2mm x 1.4 mm.
      Available sizes 12 – 36 inches.
    • Loading Capacity: Weight strength 35kg on 18 inches channel.
      Weight per inch 70gm both.

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