Flap Disc
Flap Disc

AIPL ABRO FLAP DISC are designed for light stock removal, blending and finishing and performs all in one applications. These discs are made to be the quality standards helping you to reduce process time and lower overall costs. These disc can be dangerous to use without safety and taking proper precautions.

  • Faster stock removal.
  • Smoother finish, no gouging.
  • Cooler cutting, less glazing.
  • Lightweight, easier to control.
  • Less vibration, less operator fatigue
  • Reduces noise
  • Flap discs are less aggressive and are used primarily on flat surfaces for grinding a smoother finish.
  • Cooler cutting and more durable than natural aluminum based products, ceramic provides a sharp, high purity grain.
  • Commonly used for precision grinding of steels, hard alloys and exotic materials.


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