Fibre Disc
Fibre Disc

AIPL ABRO FIBRE DISC are heavy fabrications disc used for various commercial purposes. These are high quality products mainly used in flesh removal from welds and metal fabrication in automotive sector.

AIPL ABRO FIBRE DISC provide great finishes to metals and even used in furniture industry. These disc can be dangerous to use without safety and taking proper precautions.

  • Individually Coated.
  • Electro Coating of Grains.
  • Long shelf life, tough and durable.
  • For light and medium general purpose grinding.
  • Low cost, least expensive discs.
  • Wood sanding discs.
  • Excellent cut rate.
  • Ideal for metal grinding, shaping, blending & weld removal.
  • Resistant to loading.
  • Excellent performance per disc.

50 Pcs x 12 Pkt. (600 Pcs per carton)


# 24/36/60/80/100/120

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