Aloxide Resin Belts
Aloxide Resin Belts

Benchstand and Backstand Belts

  • Grinding and de-burring of all metals
  • Final polishing of forged components like hand tools
  • Blending and shaping of brass castings like sanitary ware fittings

Centreless, Conveyor and Platen Belts

  • Intermediate grinding of stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Glass edge beveling
  • Moderate pressure applications in furniture sanding

Portable File Belts

  • Finishing, contour and shape sanding of all metallic surfaces where flexibility and ability to grind hard-to-reach areas is a requirement
  • Tough aloxide grains
  • X-wt. cotton backing
  • Tough adhesion system
  • Suitable for medium & high pressure applications.
  • Optimised strength & flexibility combination for edge of the contact wheel grinding.
  • Grain shedding resistance.
  • Narrow belts < 600 mm
  • Code CC34X [Grits 36, 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 400]