A/C Deodorizer
A/C Deodorizer

AIPL ABRO A/C DEODORIZER 142 GM (AC-050) efficiently removes odour from the car’s interior and AC system. It easily cleans A/C units and leaves a Long-Lasting, Fresh Lemon Scent. It is ideal for removing the odour of Smoke, Alcohol, and any other object.

  • Effective Way for creating odourless car interiors.
  • Removes smoking, Alcohol, and any other stinking odours
  • Easily cleans AC units and leaves a long-lasting freshness.
  • Set to Cold, Set Fan to Max, and set to Re-circulate or Max A/C.
  • Shake Well & Activate Can
  • Leave Engine Running & Close Doors.
  • Do Not Remain in Car. Leave the car running for 10 minutes. Turn the car off, open windows/doors, and ventilate for 10 minutes before vehicle entry.
  • Product Code : AC-050
  • Qty/Size : 142 g
  • Unit/Pck : 12