Bopp Packing Tapes
Bopp Packing Tapes

AIPL ABRO BOPP Packaging Tapes are made of Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film which gives it excellent Mechanical and Optical properties. The raw material used, is a thermoplastic polymer, which helps the tape stay effective in both higher and lower temperatures. With its superior quality adhesive and tensile strength, it is an ideal product for packaging and labeling applications. The structure of the tape also makes the automated and manual application of the packaging tape easier. The BOPP Packaging Tapes are easy to coat, print, and even to laminate, which makes it perfect for the manufacture of Custom Packaging Tape. BOPP Tapes generally comes in brown, transparent and white color, although other colors like red, green, blue, single color with the logo or customized design is also available.

  • Excellent clarity and high gloss
  • Strong Adhesion & Guaranteed Length
  • Used For Sealing Heavy Duty Carton Box, And Shipping
  • Easy To Print, And Coat
  • Resistant to Abrasion, Chemically Reacting Agents, Burst and Moisture
  • Used for Inventory Management
  • Resistant To UV, Shear and Heat
  • Non-Toxic and Safe For Use
  • Ideal for carton selling
  • Splicing
  • Laminating
  • Label protection
  • Bundling
  • Tabbing
  • Transparent BOPP Adhesive Tapes – Ideal for shipment with special care instructions or products with packaging that must remain visible.
  • Colored BOPP Packing Tapes – Ideal for inventory management and Product identification
  • Custom BOPP Packing Tapes –Ideal in advertising and building brand awareness.
  • CODE: 4845 (2″)C, SIZE OF ROLL (mm x mtr.): 48 x 45 (Transparent), ROLLS/CTN:72
  • CODE: 4845 (2″)B, SIZE OF ROLL (mm x mtr.): 48 x 45 (Brown), ROLLS/CTN:72
  • CODE: 4845 (2″)W, SIZE OF ROLL (mm x mtr.):48 x 45 (White), ROLLS/CTN:72

*Many other sizes & colors as per customer requirement can also be provided.

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