ABRO Masking tape is an adhesive tape used by carpenters and painters during the process of making furniture and whitewashing. It is useful to gain a temporary hold on furniture for adhesive to gain initial grip and mask areas that are not to be painted. It is available in a number of widths and sizes for each situation and needs.

best masking tape for carpentry


Key uses of ABRO Tape:

  • Firmly bundles and seals the furniture pieces.
  • It does not leave imprints on any surface.
  • ABRO tape bonds firmly with the surface holding the furniture together.
  • ABRO tape ensures that it does not damage the surface, protecting it without leaving a residue.
  • Used in paint shops by painters for painting homes and carpenters also use masking tape in building and repairing furniture.

Masking tape holds Sunmica, Nails VS Masking Tape:

  • It is extremely tedious to hammer nails into furniture to gain hold against the easy application of masking tape for holding furniture.
  • Nails make a lot of holes that harm the cosmetic appeal of the furniture whereas masking tape does not leave a residue on furniture.
  • Masking tape does not leave a mark on the furniture while removing and gives ready to deliver and use furniture.
  • ABRO masking tape is a high-quality masking tape that does not allow the paint to seep into the adjoining surfaces. ABRO masking tape has a good holding strength capacity it gives the Sunmica a good grip without damaging the surface.

ABRO Masking tape along with a good adhesive like AIPL ABRO, ZORROBOND is an essential component to make great furniture.

Carpenter & Painter’s best friend- ABRO Masking Tape