Choosing Masking Tape – The thickness factor

A masking tape is a self adhesive, pressure sensitive tape made of crepe paper with a special residue free adhesive backing.

To put it simply, it is a tape that is used to either(as the name itself suggests), mask an area from external influences like paint, dust, chemicals etc.


To implement a temporary grip that either holds object together, joins two surfaces or substrates or hold a light object to a wall temporarily.


This makes it an invaluable tool for carpenters through and through.

However, choosing the right masking tape brand can make all the difference.

While a brand like ABRO masking tape does not tamper with quality, with inexhaustible options available in the market, not everyone offers the quality that is needed.


But to know more, we shall understand what the quality is by a problem solution analysis.


Problem 1

Masking tape tears during application and removal.

We must understand that masking tape is made of crepe paper which makes it hand tearable.

While being hand tearable is a feature that makes application quick and easy, if it happens too easily, it becomes a key disadvantage and leads to wastage of time, money and labor.

Abro masking tape vs local

The thickness of paper used is the key factor in how easily the masking tape is torn. Its integrity must be stronger than the strength of the adhesive.

Anything less than 130 microns, is bound to tear either during unwinding or while removal which is why, any tape from the house of AIPL ABRO is at least 130 microns thick.


Problem 2

Masking tape leaves residue.

The point is, that it should not. However, in a price sensitive market like India, the dynamics of quality, at times take a backseat and cost-cutting comes at the forefront.

Abro masking tape vs local

Masking tape residue problem

This in turn tempts manufacturers to cut corners by tamper with the quality of adhesive in doing so, flooding the market with a substandard product.

This product, while cost effective on paper calculations, brings with it side-effects like adhesive that leaves residue, the additional cost of equipment & manpower to clean it up and worst of all, at times ends up permanently damaging the end product finish.

Buying a brand like AIPL ABRO masking tape, that does not compromise on quality is always a wise decision. It ensures that you projects complete on time, there is no damage, reduce cleanup & manpower cost and gives finish that enhances reputation.